Español (Spanish)

Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash
Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

The Spanish language is a Western Romance language that originated in the Castile region of Spain and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers around the world. It is usually considered the world’s second-most spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is also used as an official language by the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Union of South American Nations, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the African Union and by many other international organizations.

Native Speakers: 480,000,000

Region: Worldwide

Writing System: Latin script

Language Family: Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Western, Ibero-Romance, West-Iberian, Castilian languages, Spanish

Basic Phrases in Spanish

Hello Hola
Goodbye Adios
No No
Excuse me… Disculpe
Please por favor
Thank you gracias

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