Türkçe (Turkish)

Photo by Gamze Bozkaya on Unsplash
Photo by Gamze Bozkaya on Unsplash

Turkish is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, with around 10–15 million native speakers in Southeast Europe and 60–65 million native speakers in Western Asia. Outside Turkey, significant smaller groups of speakers exist in Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus, Greece, the Caucasus, and other parts of Europe and Central Asia.

Native Speakers: 71,000,000

Region: Turkey, Cyprus

Writing System: Latin script

Language Family: Turkic, Common Turkic, Oghuz, Western Oghuz, Turkish

Basic Phrases in Turkish

Hello merhaba
Goodbye uüle güle
Yes evet
No yok hayır
Excuse me… affedersiniz
Please lütfen
Thank you teşekkür ederim